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Tadem My Fathers Village
Tadem, My Father's Village: Extinguished During the 1915 Armenian Genocide
by Robert Aram Kaloosdian
Julia Walsh, author
Wings in the Wind
by Julia Walsh
illustrated by Karel Hayes and John Gorey
Letters from Nigeria Book
Letters from Nigeria
by Gretel Clark
Photos by Peter Clark
Yoyo and the Piggy Bank
The Yoyo & The Piggy Bank
by Susan Werner Thoresen
illustrated by Keith Eveland
Nancy Donovan
Oscar the Herring Gull and
Dolphin Rider
Marissa the Forest Spirit

3 books by Nancy Donovan
David Sayre
Something There Is
by David Sayre
James Rouman
Underwater Dreams and
Uncertain Journey

2 books by James Rouman
Evelyn Thornton
To Walk with My Brother
by Evelyn Thornton
Prelude, A Novel, and the
1854 Diary of Adeline Elizabeth Hoe
by Helen Taylor Davidson
Over the Hill Hikers - Sirley Elder Lyons
Over The Hill Hikers
And How They Grew... and Grew...
By Shirley Elder Lyons
One with the Sea - Richard O'Leary
One with the Sea
By Richard Daniel O'Leary
Light Fading, Joel Curzon
Light Fading
Reflections on the Imperiled Everglades
By Joel Curzon
Coach Jim Cotter
A True Man for Others
The Coach Jim Cotter Story
By Jim Cotter & co-author Paul Kenney
t206 collection
The T206 Collection, The Players & Their Stories
By Tom Zappala & Ellen Zappala
Patriots Reward, Clarkson
Patriots Reward
An Historic Novel
By Stephen Clarkson
Men of Granite
Men of Granite
True Stories of NH's Fighting Men
By William E. McGee
Confessions of an Old Hockey Goalie
by Bruce Valley
People and Places
People and Places
by John R. Mayer and Margaret H. Myer
The Last Dance
The Last Dance
Facing Alzheimer's with Love & Laughter
By Ann McLane Kuster
Keep Up Good Courage
Keep Up Good Courage
A Yankee Family & the Civil War
By Alan Fraser Houston
Janet Edmunson
Inspiring Others Through Challenging Life Experiences
ByJanet Edmunson


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