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Follow Me DavidFollow Me, David

by Jonathan Russell      |     Media One-sheet (pdf

Behind the aura of wealth and sophistication surrounding Jennifer is an air of mystique, intricately linked to her beautiful and graceful pet, a rescued greyhound named David.

With eyes that glow like embers and seem to penetrate the depths of oneís soul, David's near-human nature leaves its mark on all -- from his loving mistress to hostile housekeeper. Do Jennifer and Reverend Golightly have an answer to the startling and thought-provoking enigma that is David? These fun-filled pages take the reader through an endearing tale of love and loyalty.

Part of the profits received from this book will be donated by the author to organizations working to help rescue Greyhounds who are discarded and left to die after they are no longer profitable to the racing organization.

Readers' Comments

"This serious story of love and loyalty, which is also at times quite humorous, should be on every readerís list."
-- Louise Montclaire's Book Review

"This is an unusual and thought-provoking book . . . broadly to be perceived as a comic novel with considerable popular appeal."
-- Mark Sykes, British literary critic

About the Author

Albeit born in Bangor, Wales, Jonathan Russell descends from the fourth son of Rollo the Viking, who became the first Duke of Normandy.

Twenty-one years ago, he emigrated to the USA. Jonathan Russell is also a distinguished poet.

Follow Me, David is loosely based on his own late David greyhound rescued from the race track and given a happy new lease of life. The strange psychic hound is portrayed also in an epic poem, "Valhalla Hill" in Whispers, published by Peter E. Randall Publisher LLC. Furthermore Whispers, in addition to numerous other extolling reviews, recently received five-star rating on

Also by Jonathan Russell: Whispers

Special Greyhound Organization Fundraiser Order Form

Download pdf of order form here.

Ordering Information

National Book Network

6x9 softcover, 240 pages, ISBN13: 978-1-931807-61-6, $17.95. Fiction / Animals

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