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A Fat Girl's Manifesto, by Cyr DanielA Fat Girl's Manifesto

A Thin Book on Living Fat in America

by Cyr Daniel

Cyr Daniel offers an honest, openhearted and hilarious account of her journey to find self acceptance as an overweight woman living in America. From her days as a nude model, to her loving marriage and motherhood, to her current retirement quest to relocate to Tahiti (where they love heavy bodies), Cyr tells it like it is! Her inspiring manifesto is leading countless others who are breaking free from the Fat Is Bad (FIB) doctrine to live their lives in peace and harmony—with chocolate and a treadmill. Citing national experts such as Glenn Gaesser and accepted research about the genetics of obesity, plus the economics of the war on obesity, Cyr stands up proudly for the cause. Her revolution is just beginning….

“This book gives new meaning to the old adage... change the way you see, not the way you look. Her book is a call for a revolution and awakening in the way people perceive themselves.” - Lisa Sanders, Life Coach & Intuitive Consultant

“Cyr is an inspiration. A true revolutionary for one of the most misunderstood niches of the fitness industry. An amazing memoir by a brilliant fat-fit soul.” - Michael Cupples, Certified Personal Trainer

About the Author

Cyr Daniel currently and resentfully (not a fan of winter) resides in New Hampshire. She has, as she puts it, “led many lives” in her sixty-two years on this planet: Teacher, Artist, Postal Worker (long story), Proofreader, Activist, and, most importantly, mother to two utterly fantastic daughters. Now she is trying out the Writing Life to deliver a heartfelt message: Let’s end the War on Obesity!

Ordering Information

Humor/Health/Memoir Ebook $9.95, ISBN 978-1-942155-03-4 (Amazon)


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