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Custom Publishing for Individuals or Organizations

Peter E. Randall Publisher is a custom publisher, which means that authors or clients bear the cost of publication. While custom publishing is not for everyone, under certain conditions, it can be an appropriate alternative to traditional publishing.

Any one trying to sell a manuscript to a trade publisher knows the difficulties involved. Unsolicited manuscripts are rarely even looked at, never mind read, by anyone at a trade-publishing house. Most authors are told to find an agent, but agents, who work on commission, only want previously published authors. Trade publishers pay small advances to new authors and then pay royalties as books sell. The publisher takes total control of the book, including editing, design, and promotion. Authors have little if any control over their work. Of course, the trade publisher pays all the publishing costs.

As custom publishers we work individually with each author/client to provide only those services which the author requires. This places control of the book in the hands of the author/client. We begin working at the manuscript stage by providing copyediting, then we design the book, do the layout using professional quality software tools, and follow up with printing and binding. At each stage of the process the author is provided with proofs to monitor the production of the book. Books require between three and six months for production, depending on number of pages, type of binding, and the method of producing the text. Once the manuscript is in hand and all details are determined we can set a delivery date.

We produce books in a variety of formats, either paper or cloth covers, from 500 to several thousand copies. If your book has not been produced on a word processor/computer, we suggest that you have it done or we can do it for you.

All books become the property of the author and all books printed are bound. Books may be published under our name or under a name of the client's own choosing. The book's copyright will be in the client's name.


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